About Mad Rhino Productions™, LLC

Founded in 1997, Mad Rhino Productions™ is a small design studio that provides unique solutions that connect brands with people.

We serv a diverse clientele, with projects ranging from large automotive websites, to rich media ads and film title design.

Driven to excellence and customer satisfaction, we take great pride in the fact that our clients are fiercely loyal, with repeat business accounting for the majority of our work.

Our belief is the best ideas don?t require explanation, and that there is great beauty in simplicity. With that in mind, we strive to make your project not only beautiful, but effective and entertaining as well.

My name is Crady, I'm a freelance digital artist, and
Mad Rhino Productions is my company.
In-House Services

Website Design
Graphic Design
Adobe Flash
Adobe After Effects
Video Editing
Sound Editing
Copy Writing
Select Clients / Projects

e2amp, Inc. Advertising
JVC America
JVC Mobile Entertainment
Samsung USA
"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Crady on a very challenging video/motion-design project for a very demanding client. Even through all the churn, and revisions, and re-edits, Crady's passion for the work never faltered and he always had some quip on hand to keep us smiling. He's extremely talented and versatile — pro-actively exploring multiple ideas and adding his special touch to the final product to make it shine."

Drory Ben-Menachem — Massively talented Veteran Creative Professional at Large
"Crady ALWAYS thinks out of the box, originating and delivering a hitherto unthought of approach, yet one which always seems to perfectly address the issues. A truly perfect blend of pragmatism and creativity."

Phillips Connor — Director at Aedas Interiors & Owner of Space Partnership Furniture
"I met Crady through Flickr online photo community. His photography takes us to an out of this world atmosphere. With his excellent design skills, Crady makes beautiful art works. I also admire his wonderful sense of humour. He always ready to help for others and share his knowledge. It's always a pleasure to work with him in any creative projects."

Istvan Kadar — Freelance New Media Designer & Digital Photographer
"Crady exhibits a level of professionalism rarely found today. I found him to be extremely proficient as well as creative. He has always provided unexpected turn-around times. I highly recommend him for any creative or branding needs."

Jason Turner, CEO — Agnostic Media, Inc.
"I have worked for Crady for almost 7 years on over a dozen projects. He has provided nothing but professional work, both in his deliverable product, and his work ethics. While our business relationship has been strictly via remote communication, his responsiveness and availability make it appear that he is working at the desk right next to me. He is always available for questions, and responds same day. If further research is required, he goes above and beyond to get the questions answered and provides alternative solutions when needed. I would highly recommend Crady to anyone who is looking for professional service, rapid response time, and an enlightened problem solving technique for the project at hand."

Mark Hansen, Sr Developer — ISP Strategy Partners
"Crady is a wonderful perfectionist. He knows what he's talking about and will inform the client with the information needed in order to do the job right the first time around. Honest and a hard worker is how I would describe Crady." "

Amberr Washington — Film Producer